Marage Shipping and Trucking Service

Marage Shipping and Trucking Service

Note: If you order from Amazon, and on your order where they write how it was delivered, if you get a message with the word "undeliverable", this probably means that the package arrived damaged and they would not deliver it. So you need to contact Amazon about this issue. This has happened several times to our customers.


Monday, Apr 3rd update

  • The container that left L.A. the last of February is in Corozal. Deliveries will start tomorrow, and for those who pick up their orders, you can do so on Tuesday, Apr 4th, at Hall’s Layout from 3pm until 5pm.
  • Have a blessed and safe Easter!
  • Thank you for your patronage.

The business in Los Angeles is now being handled by Reynolds Shipping. The receiving and delivering operation here in Belize is still Marage Shipping and Trucking Service.

Please note: It is not always possible to find out specifically if a certain order has arrived in Los Angeles. The best thing to do is to be sure your shipping company either gives you a tracking number, or can let you know if your package was delivered.

This company does its best to accommodate our customers; we do what we can to keep your costs reasonable.

We need the information from your invoices for the inventory list for customs at least a week before the container arrives, so please get them to us as soon as possible after you have ordered them. Thank you for your cooperation! If you do not have a printer, you can email your invoices to a place that does printing, and they will print them and you can pick them up and pay a fee for it.

Mailbox for your invoices

Mailbox location! There is a mailbox at the location where orders are picked up at our home off College Road. It’s clearly marked with a neon green background! If we are not home you can leave invoices in the mailbox. Click on the small image aboveto the left for a larger view.

For your convenience, if you live in Consejo, you can put your invoices in Rose Gardner’s mailbox.

At times during the year, it may be necessary to suspend receiving packages for a period of time, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. We will, of course post that on our webpage here.

Please note: The $1.50 per pound for shipping DOES NOT include taxes and duty, which are added to the per pound cost. The duty on electronic products is 35% of the cost of the item, so be prepared for that when your shipment arrives. And please have your invoices to Marage before the shipment is due.

Marage Shipping and Trucking Service, owned and managed by Clifford and Dorla Marage, has over 20 years of experience with providing reliable, affordable shipping from the United States to Belize.

Located in Corozal Town, they will transport cars, boats, household goods, commercial goods, and almost anything you can imagine. They give personal care to your goods, and will deliver them to your home or place of business in Belize.

See our Contact Us Page for a Google map of the location to drop off invoices and to pick up packages.

Here is information about how you can get your goods shipped by this great company. Use this address:

(Your Name) c/o Reynolds Shipping
3720 South Normandie, Apt 3
Los Angeles, CA 90007-4257

  • Make sure you have a name on your package to identify that it is yours. It is best if you also put the name Reynolds on it so they can sign for it, and the people who do most of deliveries know them. Here’s a suggestion: if your last name is Campos, you might send the package to: Campos C. Reynolds (Campos care of Reynolds). Or you can put Your Name c/o Reynolds (as above). Different companies allow different ways to put names on shipping labels.
  • Inform Marage in Belize of what you have coming. See contact page.
  • Be sure, if your packages need to be delivered, that Marage knows how to locate you.
  • Provide Marage with invoices of your products before they arrive for tax and customs purposes, and please note that duty on electronic items is 35%.
  • Most items are approximately $1.50 US per pound for shipping, added to taxes and customs duties. So your cost is a combination of shipping, taxes, and customs duties.
  • Shipping barrels are $160 US each.

Phone Numbers

When shipments are due in Belize, for detailed information about YOUR package or delivery, please call Clifford at 624-2654 or 602-5401. However, on delivery days, Clifford is extremely busy and may not answer his phone. Thanks!

  • Los Angeles (323) 419-1778, (310) 259-1693
  • Belize (501) 624-2654 or 602-5401. You can also call 621-1917 (when Brinston is in town)

We are attempting to keep the shipment dates updated on this webpage, so check back often for current information.

Thank you for your patience and your patronage.

— Clifford, Dorla, and Brinston Marage


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